this sure is something to see with no context


Little caracal kitten is out adventuring for the first time… | Andreas Jansrud


If FE in animal crossing is a thing, I’d bet we’d all want Frederick in our towns

when a headcanon is so strong u can literally see it flex

the time site seems to still exist in 2001 where internet’s not fast enough to load all the pictures before you start scrolling and then they pop up one by one and you’re lost forever in a sea of slowly loading pictures

what if kaworu literally couldn’t enter a room without it raining confetti. it’s like the concept of a theme song, but with small colored strips of paper. kaworu are you going to clean this up?? kaworu can’t clean this up, if he stops moving for too long the confetti floods him


It’s me

well. one of us is going to have to change

why am I so bad at the video game

meekshaming. you take pictures of mikal and hold up signs like “he chewed through the bag and the entire box just to get to the peeps”

it’s a crime that lissa and maribelle can’t marry tbh

I don’t do traditional art much, but I really like drawing on cardboard. modern sully forcing everyone to realize her legs are rockin by wearing leggings as pants 24/7


death noot



Shrek came out 13 years ago

I didn’t know shrek was gay

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